Dating a goth chick

Dating a goth chick

It is a growing trend to look for a goth girlfriend. Subcultures, like the one known as goth, can be difficult for ordinary people on the outside to understand. If you find yourself attracted to a beautiful goth girl, you may have no idea what to say or do. However, goth identifying individuals aren't too different from anyone else. By gaining an understanding of gothic subculture and learning how to send the right signals to her, you might find your goth girl attracted to you in no time at all! To attract a goth girl, try reading popular gothic books and watching gothic movies so you can talk to her about things that she's interested in.

15 reasons to date a goth

How To Bed Goth Chicks: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Sep Gender: Posts There's been some chatter on the subject of Gothdom, and I have to say gentlemen, I am appalled. Y'all don't know shit. No offence. Look, I used to be a Goth, back in the day. This was before I was in the seduction community. I'm still a little Gothy now, although I'd be loathe to admit it see rule 3, below , and as such, here's a sketch of what you need to know to get started in the debauched world of darkness where all your sins are forgiven and all your twisted dreams made real.

Let me just say a couple of things to start, so you can get my fix on the Goth community. All of this is just my opinion, so don't think I'm casting judgements or proclaiming the ultimate truth of any situation. Also, all this is from the London Goth scene. Nevertheless, I'd be very surprised if most, and maybe all of it, isn't true of Goths everywhere. Girls become Goths because they're looking to find a sense of identity, to find acceptance, and they enter a state of mind where the whole "beauty in darkness" thing makes a lot of sense.

Guys become Goths because of the Goth chicks, who are unbelievably hot, wear practically nothing, and lez up constantly. Orgies are not unusual in the Goth scene, which has heavy links with the Fetish scene. What they're doing is linking with other people who share a similar outlook in a place where they can be accepted. I became a Goth while I was recovering from a psychotic episode. Thing is, if I were in a normal club and some chick asked me about myself and I said "I went mad," she'd freak and run.

In a Goth club, she'd say, "Oh. What was that like? The point is this: Some, and arguably all of these people have very real problems with identity, with depression, with existential ANGST. When they all come together they can relax. For many, Goth clubs are the only places where they can actually express themselves freely without fear of ridicule. They are much more like social clubs. Finally, Goths are usually considerate and polite. Many people are surprised by this.

They are very easy to talk to. RULE 1: The Goth scene is extremely incestuous, and everybody knows everybody. RULE 2: Everyone knows everyone. It will bite you in the ass. RULE 3: If someone asks you if you are a Goth, deny it. No true goth would ever admit to being a Goth. RULE 4: A good opener is to go up to some Goths dressed as a Goth and say "Excuse me, I'm worried. I've been told that there are some Goths about the place.

You haven't seen any have you? You will not be blown out. Also, if someone says something really Gothic ie - "sometimes it hurts so much to be alive" or whatever you can defuse the situation by shaking your head and saying "You are such a GOTH. RULE 5: This is true. On average, Goths are far more intelligent, artistic, cerebral and philosophical than 'normals'. There are, obviously, glaring exceptions to this rule but generally it holds. Be aware. Read Jean-Paul Sartre's Nausea.

Consider it homework. Once you've read it, never bring it up except to criticise Sartre's portrayal of the existential condition as simplistic and tired. RULE 6: Remember this. Different cliques abound. This is critically important. That clique is the top clique. If you can get into that clique, you will be extremely well proofed socially. Girls will talk to you just because you are associated with them. RULE 7: Social proof is, by my estimate, at least ten times more important in a Goth club than in a normal club, and maybe more.

As such, forget the chicks at first, unless you're really, really slick solid, cool natural game works on everyone. Go for the guys, the pretty guys in the pretty group. Be cool with them. Discuss philosophy if you can. If you can't, read a book so that you can. Jean Baudrillaud combines all three. RULE 8: Goth chicks can get away with this. It is so mid-to-late 90's, darling. The same kind of applies to Nine Inch Nails, although you can be forgiven for liking Trent Reznor's weird experimental shit.

Also, if you even mention the word "Evanescence" without a look of hatred and contempt on your face, you will probably be ejected from the club. RULE 9: There are more, adn they change constantly. In fact, it's mandatory. Know your shit. RULE I cannot overstate this one. There is only one insult that can make a Goth punch you in the face, and that is calling him or her an Emo. Never do this. It is not a neg.

It is suicide. A quick rule of thumb - The difference between a Goth and an Emo is the difference between a tragedy and a tantrum. There are a lot of gay men in the Goth scene. You will get propositioned by men. This will happen. Live with it. Politely decline, then befriend them. Gay men are often extremely popular on the Goth scene. Do not be nasty, snide, insulting, rude.

In fact, don't do that in general. Bigotry screams insecurity and in a Goth club it will get you ostracised. No matter what you've taken, never pick up a glowstick, never dress in neon. The Goths who do this Cybergoths are the lowest of the low. Talking to them briefly is ok. Never hang out with them for too long, unless you are actually hitting on a hot Cybergoth chick. This is allowed, but you will still be playfully mocked for fucking a cybergoth by other, more traditional Goths.

Smile and laugh it off. You can bitch about anything.

I still have no idea who that red-haired eighth grader was, but she impacted my life in ways she couldn't possibly fathom. Picture it: metro. One of the best things about dating a goth is that they're not afraid of what people Whether you're looking to date a guy or a girl, at least you'll be able to share.

Wir sind der Engel der Nacht, wir sind die Kinder diese Stadt. I am the Fairy Gothmother. An eccentric, humorous , and unique individual. Click HERE to ask me to complete this section! Joining only takes a minute.

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Sounds like your overthinking this a bit too much or maybe you have some self image problems. If he is still with you it must be cos he likes you.

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Why Every Guy Should Date A Goth Girl At Least Once

Hi guys, long time poster here, and even longer time lurker was gone for a bit of hiatus. For the record, this is NOT a troll post. If you think it is, please refrain from replying because I need a genuine opinion here. Here's the story and rationale: I'm a 25yro who is apparently still stuck in my old high school days of punk rock and wearing lots and lots of black. I'm currently dating a 19 year old girl 3 months now who attends nearby college in NYC. The catch: She's into the whole "goth" thing, dresses like one though not too hardcore , listens to that kind of dark music, and wears a bracelet with a small vial of our mixed blood in it not kidding. I have an identical bracelet although I take it off at work.

People internet as a know finding comfort during the grieving.

Top definition. Goth Ball unknown.

Im a 25yro Banker Who Still Dates "Goth Girls". Is there something wrong with me?

Need Help? United States. Results 1 to 23 of Advice needed -- first "date" with a Goth girl. Advice needed -- first "date" with a Goth girl Cliffs below. Okay, this is not my real account, I'm smurfing for a reason. I'm married, but going through a slow drawn out separation. Just to be clear: I'm not looking to score, or hit it and quit it. I'm 30, I'm past that stage.

Advice for a "goth" girl dating a "normal" guy?

Picture it: It was especially tough since I went to a school that was about 50 percent lower class white sociopaths, 40 percent lower class black sociopaths and 10 percent really stuck-up rich white kids who got the shaft during the last county rezonings. If you were a sixth grade jock, you hung out with the seventh grade jocks and if you were a seventh grade spoiled princess, you hung out with the spoiled eighth grade princesses. The in-group mobility always fascinated me … especially since I was pretty much relegated to existence outside any of them. It was in the sixth grade that I was introduced to a certain — Fashion?

GUYS: would you ever date a goth girl?

NET Skip to content. NET Quick links. Dating Goth girl , opinions? A place for discussion that's not necessarily of a Gothic nature. This question is actually one of the reasons I joined the forums. I wanted to know what everyones opinion is on a Non-goth type individual dating a Goth girl?

Odd question but do Goth/punk/emo girls like black guys.

There are different kinds of goth girls. You have the ones who just wear lots of black and don't smile much, then you have the ones who are emo and depressed, then you have the ones who are all "the world is all pain and suffering and it sucks and etc". The first one is quite attractive I think. The second one I'd date so long as she could be made happy, but I'd stay away from the third one because her and mine personalities wouldn't blend. Hell I would and did when younger. Goth girls are fun as hell and tend to be a freak in the sack. That is one group of girls that I can say are the most open to a guys with a fetish.

How many of you guys would date a goth girl?

Dating a Goth Girl? I have a question which I hope can be answered. I am a 28 year old non-Goth but have a soft spot for girls who are Gothically inclined. It is not just the aesthetic that I like, but the personality and freedom of being able to stand out in a world where fitting in is often viewed as being of utmost importance. Would a Goth Girl date a non-Goth? If so, what advice would you give to a non-Goth dating a Goth? Another query I have is how would you describe an 'average' Goth girl?

Press 'i' to view the image gallery , 'v' to view the video gallery , or 'r' to view a random entry. Goth GF refers to online jokes about having or wanting to obtain a goth girl as a girlfriend. Image macros referencing "goth gfs" typically present the women as rare and highly desirable. On April 12th, , Tumblr user gothstan posted a mock conversation titled "me and my goth gf," in which he says "bb ur hands r so cold" to which his goth girlfriend replies "that me soul. On September 7th, , Twitter user Sadieisonfire [3] posted an Ed, Edd n Eddy image macro with the character Ed holding a sign with the sentence "looking 4 a goth gf" painted on the front shown below.

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