Dating someone from another social class

How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game , which essentially argues that today's dating market is suffering from a so-called " man shortage. While there are 5. The book raises some interesting questions about what we look for in a mate, as well as some alternative solutions for the marriage-minded among us. But Birger also suggests that this "man shortage" might result in a surprising trend:

Why does class still matter when it comes to dating?

Singer Otile Brown and socialite Vera Sidika recently ended their relationship in a rather nasty and public manner. However, it is the singer who ended up being the butt of all manner of jokes, after Vera embarrassed him and his supposed begging tendencies. Now, wealth begets wealth. A glimpse at newspaper obituary pages reveal that the rich always date and marry each other. Tales abound of rich parents who hook up their children and subject them to arranged or forced marriages to progeny from similar backgrounds.

It has been argued that for the sake of a happy relationship or marriage, individuals should pick partners from their social classes. Hustlers who date or marry individuals from higher social background seem to be the ones who suffer the most. Her sisters-in-law, for example, not only sneered at her, but also turned her into fodder for their gossip, calling her all sorts of names. She adds: Sharon says for the three years she was married, her in-laws barely tolerated her presence and said unflattering things about her any chance they got.

She says that for the sake of happiness, individuals should stick to their social classes when looking for partners to settle down with. But the biggest mistake you can make is to settle with a partner who happens to be the son or daughter of a rich family. He jokes that when you are born and raised in the slums like himself, chances that you are going to enjoy hanging around golf courses, enjoying champagne and other exotic wines and food just to fit it are very low.

A common complaint from those who have dated children of the rich is their lack of life skills. Reportedly, making such types get in touch with realities of life is an uphill task that their partners struggle with. They met a popular city business school as students. His parents had to be involved in all his businesses. He was conned by his business associates countless times. Wanja says she could not stand settling down with an individual who was not his own man.

That his parents would perhaps be required to manage his marriage for it to work out turned her off. The place he lived was chosen by his mother. It seems women who date or are married to men from wealthy backgrounds have a lot to deal with. It is even worse where the parents are meddlesome. They will have a say in everything: The rest of the attendants comprise of friends and associates of the rich parents!

It is, however, important to note that some kids of the rich still make great partners, both in relationships and in marriage. He adds: Similarly, people who were brought up in middle class homes spend a lot of their childhoods and formative lives engaged in a lot of planned and organised activities. A blend of the two lifestyles makes life even more interesting for such partners. November is the hustle month and we are all about youngins making their money, and we need your help.

Drop us an email on: Agony of dating, marrying outside your social class Crazy Monday It is important to stick to your lane when it comes to matters of the heart We look at why lovers should pick partners carefully Singer Otile Brown and socialite Vera Sidika recently ended their relationship in a rather nasty and public manner. Hooker by day, good wife by night- City woman's confession. Busy hubbies: Tale of lonely Kenyan wives who feel, live like single mums.

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In an ideal world, we wouldn't have any class distinctions. Gina has also found that dating someone from a different social milieu tricky. Financial status. If you belong to different social classes, you will understand the phrase “an ideal date/evening/vacation” differently.

General progressiveness of aside, most of us still date and marry folks from the same socioeconomic background as us: Now doctors marry doctors. Here is the story of a royal dating an allegedly ordinary British girl, falling in love and actually marrying her.

Singer Otile Brown and socialite Vera Sidika recently ended their relationship in a rather nasty and public manner. However, it is the singer who ended up being the butt of all manner of jokes, after Vera embarrassed him and his supposed begging tendencies.

If you pay close enough attention, however, you can start to pick up clues. On our first date I complimented his custom Nike shoes.

Agony of dating, marrying outside your social class

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When Richer Weds Poorer, Money Isn't the Only Difference

Marriage is fast becoming a status symbol. In , fewer people in the U. As women earn more, marriages have also grown more equal in terms of pay—which in turn has reinforced social stratification. But what happens when they do? Her dad was a successful entrepreneur, and Ruchika attended an international school. The couple had an arranged marriage despite the difference in their backgrounds, which Ruchika says helped them air concerns about money early in the relationship. That meant Ruchika had to set financial boundaries with her parents. A few years ago, she quit a high-paying job at a tech company to write a book—a decision she had the luxury to make. For him, no matter how difficult even a year in his job is, the job security and the financial security that it provides will always be paramount.

It's kind of sad to think that in , social classes still matter.

Apart from weakened labor protections and the uneven distribution of productivity gains to workers, marital trends can play a role in maintaining inequality as well. Sociologists such as Robert Mare and Kate Choi argue that the tendency for people to marry people like themselves extends to the realms of income, educational level, and occupation—which means richer people marry those with similar levels of wealth and income.

Should You Date Outside Your Class?

T he rules of discussing class in Britain are, pleasingly, very like those of cricket. Once you know them, they seem incredibly obvious and intuitive and barely worth mentioning; if you don't know them, they are pointlessly, sadistically complicated, their exclusivity almost an exercise in snobbery in its own right. Nowhere is this more evident and yet more tacit than in relationships: It's called "assortative mating". You know this by looking around, yet there's such profound squeamishness about it that research tends to cluster around class proxies. The question goes: This trend is immune to social progress elsewhere. Of people born in , just over a third of women had a partner from the same class as themselves: Even the phrases "marrying up" and "marrying down" are sullying to use. You can't really escape the connotation that the rich are better than the poor. But I use them anyway, putting them in the grammatical equivalent of surgical gloves, because there is no right-on alternative:

Marrying out of your social class will be hard, but not doomed

You come from two separate backgrounds Could dating someone outside your 'class' work? You come from two different worlds. With two different bank accounts. Blue collar, white collar--lower class, upper class--whatever you want to call it. But you're smitten with one another and want to make it work. Can you successfully date someone outside your social class?

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And even though technology has made dating ever more accessible, it seems that some of us think that class still impacts on our love lives. And that, she said, would make actively going out of the way to date people like lawyers or doctors difficult. We ended up having quite a few rows that ultimately went back to our different upbringings. It was probably a main contributor to our eventually breaking up. And that made our differences even starker whenever we met up with them. Also related to this is a concern over a clash of lifestyle. It seems like such an archaic thing to be caught up on.

He is from a wealthy family and you come from the other side of the tracks. Although it was unlikely the two of you would end up dating, sparks flew and the rest is history. The whirlwind romance has been fun, but it hasn't been without roadblocks. Dating outside your social class can be fraught with complications. People from different social classes may have trouble understanding the way other classes operate.

How do we choose our partners? Does their social class influence our choice? Sociologists and psychologists say yes. According to them, a harmonious relationship is possible only between a man and a woman who belong to the same social class. But gradually, as they get to know each other better, they begin to realize they come from different worlds. But usually, cross-class couples face a lot of issues.

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