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This edition of The Cutting Edge previews the brand Spyderco for Spyderco offered a slim release for It only had three new folding knives, two of which are variants of old knives. Read more….

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Users browsing this forum: Spyderco Forums Skip to content. Search Advanced search. Quick links. Forum rules. What year did you start to mark the steel on the blades? What was the first unmarked steel? What was the first marked steel? What year did the thicker FRN show up? Example of a made up answer of something like I am hoping to hear from Sal. If this information is not recorded anywhere I would appreciate a best recollection anyway. This might not be important to many people but I have been trying to piece together the Endura history and cannot find this info anywhere.

I do not believe this is spelled out anywhere online or in the Spyderco Book. This info is not on Spydiwiki. Thanks, Jerry SpyderNation It is more than a motto it is a way of life. Spydiwiki needs to be updated. I would be interested in this as well. I wrote up the endura in the spyderwiki and there is some more info added to it by Sal at the bottom of the page.

Based on its intro date, there should no SS Enduras with unmarked blades. The "approximate" dates are thought to be: What is certain, and is probably all that will ever be certain, is the order. People do sometimes mistake 6's for 8's, and visa-versa, just as they mistake U's for 0's and S's for both 6's and 8's.

Myself personally, I do not have any SS Enduras anymore. I always thought they were slippery and have preferred FRN. I went over my collection and was a little bit bummed to find that I did not have any Enduras marked Gin I always assumed that was because Gin-1 was older, guess not. Yes I know they are the same steel but I thought I had all the different blade markings and handle changes from the first to the end of Endura 3. Almost forgot.

Logically the Delica steel and Endura steel should have been the same during the same time periods but that might not be true. Our afi's seem to have good grasp on our history. I'll try to add a few things. The first Endura's and Delica's were made in We used a relatively thin integral clip as we had no history on FRN as a spring clip. When some of the clips broke, we added a thin strip on the underside of the clip for reinforcement.

Then the 2nd version also showed evidence of not being strong enough, so we remade the tooling for the clip part of the mold and made the entire clip wider and thicker. This was done again a little later. We made 4 variations of the original integral clip before we gave up on the plastic clip and went to metal clips in We began the model with Gingami I which was made by Hitachi. It was the best stainless available in Japan at the time.

We couldn't put the name Gingami I on the blade becsuse the maker had used it for another company and wanted it to be exclusive for them. We went for a while with no steel markings on the blade. There was no US equivalent so when we decided to mark the blade, and we couldn't use Gingami I, we decided to make up a name and give the steel chemistry with the literature. I tend to stretch humor a bit here and there. As demand and production grew, we reached a point where the maker ran out of Gingami I and Hitachi didn't have any in stock.

No one else was using the steel at the time so it was usually special ordered for us, but demand was greater than anticipated. A few hundred pieces were made with AUS-8 and marked G Then we made the models for a while in AUS We wanted to get it all sorted, so we got permission from the original company to use the name Gingami I that was being saved.

We chose to designate the steel as GIN-1 mostly to save space, but also to avoid confusion and keep everyone involved happy. We also were testing VG by Takefu at the same time. Ultimately, we decided to use VG for our main models and still do today. I've always liked Gingami I as a good all around blade steel and we were importing the steel from Hitachi for use in our Golden factory.

Hope that hjelps. Very nice to read, very educational. Learned a lot G-2 Love the Endura 1. Current EDC: Techno, Squeak, Southard Flipper, Caly 3. Chap3, Domino, Sage 3 Wishlist: This is one of the reasons I have always loved your company. Now the information is out there for anyone to reference. Thanks for your input and for everyone else's as well.

I took the consolation prize and updated the Delica page however. Jump to. Who is online Users browsing this forum:

The date code does not bother me any except for the fact that someone thinks that makes these knives counterfeit. I told them they could check. I just picked up a new Paramilitary 2 and the Date Code is Does anyone know how to decipher this? Great knife by the way. So far my.

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Alistair is a knife maker who strives to excel with each knife I create. I love to create folding knives with high quality modern materials and a variety of mechanisms. I craft knives both by hand and using modern methods such as CNC.

Lifestyle dating spyderco knives

Spyderco is a Golden, Colorado, U. Spyderco pioneered many features that are now common in folding knives, including the pocket clip, serrations, and the opening hole. Spyderco has collaborated with 30 custom knife makers, athletes, and self-defense instructors for designs and innovated the usage of 20 different blade materials. Spyderco was founded by Sal Glesser. The name Spyderco was coined after Sal noticed that many high performance sports cars had 'Spyder' in the name; this in turn inspired the name Spyderco to signify high performance cutting tools. The first product Spyderco produced was the Portable Hand in , this "spider-shaped device", was a series of angles, ball joints and alligator clips that helped people such as jewelers and hobbyists to work with small parts.

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Users browsing this forum: Spyderco Forums Skip to content. Search Advanced search. Quick links. Spyderco Lists: Forum rules. Only new Spyderco knife models are listed accessories, sharpners, trainers and Byrd knives are excluded and they're broken down by those already Delivered to Spyderco Dealers from January 1, to December 31, or Upcoming. All Sprint Runs, Exclusives and such appear in Bold. Last edited by RamZar on Thu Dec 20, 9: I welcome dialog, as long as it remains cordial, constructive and is conducted in a civilized manner.

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For some products a clearly readable date marked on the package is essential to determine usability. In some cases the presence of such an "expiration date" is even mandated by law. Knives however, at least in theory, neither improve nor go bad sitting on the shelf, so there is no pressing need to have a date which consumers can read on the package.

The Spyderco Ikuchi Folder Is Like a Paring Knife for Your Pocket

Users browsing this forum: Spyderco Forums Skip to content. Search Advanced search. Quick links. Date Codes. Discuss Spyderco's products and history. Forum rules. I went and checked the box that I had open and there were no date codes. I know that some legit Spydercos for one reason or another don't have date codes. When I checked the box that was open none had date codes.

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Many of the signature details, including the button-operated Compression Lock, have made it through to the production model. Subvert Like the Smock, the Subvert fulfills the wishes of many knife collectors by presenting the Black Snow Customs Sabotage in an affordable format. Bold orange scales compliment the unforgettable pocket machete-style blade on the Subvert. Techno 2 The first Spyderco Techno became an enduring cult classic. This knife, designed by Javier Vogt, can be opened via flipper tab, Spyderco Round Hole, or Emerson Wave, and gets big cutting chores done with a massive, sweeping blade. Parata Nobody turns heads quite like Paul Alexander, and the Parata is his most audacious knife yet. Its robust, big-bellied blade locks up with the Stop Lock, a patented Spyderco original that makes its production debut on this knife. Amalgam The Amalgam joins the relatively new category of Spyderco flipper knives.

This invention relates to pocket knives, and it relates more specifically to an improved safety or locking-blade knife. One object of the invention is to provide an improved knife of this character which eliminates every possibility of the blade being accidentally closed while in use, but to enable it to be very easily opened by proper manipulation of a releasing or lock-controlling element, the latter being also useful as a tool element. Another object is to provide a device of this character comprising very few and simple parts, so that the knife may be manufactured at a comparatively low cost. Other objects and advantages may become apparent to persons who read the following details of description in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which v Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view, the section being taken only through the several pintles which hold the parts together and perform other useful functions. Referring to these drawings in detail, in which similar reference characters correspond with similar parts throughout the several views, and in which the handle 11 and blade 1. The invention consists in the combination of these elements with tne locking element 13 illustrated separately in Fig.

Spyderco folding knives are reliable and dependable. They are comfortable in the hand and made from the highest quality materials. Spyderco is one of the top knife manufacturers and boasts many of the most popular models. If you are looking for a solid pocket knife, then you won't be disappointed with Spyderco. Spyderco Folding Knives Spyderco folding knives are reliable and dependable. Paramilitary 2. Para 3.

Spyderco 2019 Production Sample – Endela
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