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Hence I would like to, very humbly point out those few unwitting mistakes that our single mothers may commit sometimes, failing to realise the kind of distress it can cause not only in their children but also in people closest to them. Single mothers might time and again try to draw sympathy by victimising themselves in the eyes of their son, in order to gain his attention, often holding you or situations related to you and your boyfriend responsible for her condition. He is extremely close to his mother. Yes every child is; but in this case the child has felt the absence of the father and has hence valued the single parent even better than a child having both the parents would. The mother has given him reason to, of course.

7 Problems of dating men raised by single mothers!

I haven't read every post in your blog but most of what I have read seems to indicate that you feel that sex is pretty much the only purpose of a female? Sometimes this doesn't matter, such as in a casual relationship, but in a marriage, no wife wants to boink the husband that is irritated at her yet still wants to have sex. Men seek women for more than sex.

Women want men for money, security, resources What do you expect to happen in this exchange? Anon, I look the totality of women, not just their sexuality, but I am writing from a male perspective to males. Sex becomes a whole lot more important when someone who has vowed to give herself to you is withholding especially when you are fulfilling YOUR end of the deal or when it is being used as a loss leader or some other manipulation.

The male perspective is interesting so I hope you don't mind if you have a female reading it and offering you an unsolicited female perspective. A huge part of it is making their wife feel valued for who they are as a human being. If a female feels like the marriage is nothing but a business contract, the sexy feelings go away quick. Most people don't get horny about contract fulfillment. I'm a single mom, chose the wrong guy, we were engaged, he broke up shortly after the birth, but now I'm supposed to feel like damaged goods and that he's somehow a hero?

Tony did you fall of the short bus? You did. Go lick some more windows. Anonymous Of course you are: Our "end of the deal" is not in the best interest of any self-respecting man. We are not responsible for making you feel valued as a human You need to make yourself happy and know yourself. People do need to treat each other well, but respect and value is EARNED, not "deserved" because you popped out a few babies because of a drunk night at a party 9 months back.

You're putting on the typical victim outfit, and putting all of this responsibility on men who shouldn't and have no reason to be interested in you or any single mom. Your own lot in life is your own fault, and you are what you are: Damaged goods, and don't give me this "damaged goods" shaming shit Most men don't get horny about contract fulfillment, IE: Hold up, I think any self respecting man would never come near this blog.

I think it's misogynistic and most men on here have probably never had a real relationshio let alone a healthy one. Anonymous you are not damaged goods. You will find someone. And don't buy into this bs. These men are all losers who couldn't even get a real date. Nope, she is totally damaged goods. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. You have to realize O. You are more trouble than your worth. You make bad choices. The guys that would shack up with you are either desperate, or stupid.

Is that really what you want? I don't think your guy is a hero though. He is part of the problem. Both of u messed up your child's life through of your dumb decisions. It's too bad too. This child will probably perpetuate the cycle as well. I have plenty of respect for myself thank you which is why I stear very clear from dumb broads with bastard children. You are absolutely damaged goods. Your attitude is angry to. How blind can someone be? And no - I am not a loser who can't get dates: You are so absolutely damaged goods with a angry attitude because you know it: If a guy honestly likes the girl but has nooooooooooooooo motive to be a step father just casual dating If not wtf are we girlfriends that talk but eventually she will want you to meet her children and when you tell her no that's not what your ready for or want then your a no good scumbag that just wants sex smh Lol, these comments are proceless from the female perspective..

Single moms depend in general on one of two things, tax dollars or child support Whether they married wealthy and rely on child support or married poor and rely on state tax paying dollars, they are leeches. I completely agree. And feedback is always welcome, so thanks. A contract is what it comes down to in a court of law when there is a divorce.

If women marry for "security" and men marry for "sex", a court may deal with one, but not the other. So men lose. There are many men out there who have busted their rears trying to romance a wife and give her a feeling of love, security, and appreciation, who are rejected, because these women know, whether it is in the back of their minds or the front of their minds, that they don't have to do squat anymore and a court will still make the man pay up.

This is getting off track, however. The posting was about why men should not date single mothers. If anyone disagrees with any of the reasons provided, I especially welcome those comments and stories from guys who have lived through this. I am a single mom, a professional, stable work from home single mom. I can provide a lucky man security, a loving home and peace. I have a lot more maturity, experience and patience to understand what a man needs and how he should be treated.

I never asked a penny of child support from my ex. And I don't expect another man to spend money on my kid or on me. I am not a prostitute to sell my body for money. I am willing to give my hear and soul to a man who appreciate my hard work, responsibility and caring nature. At the end of the day, I think no self respecting single mother should even consider dating soulless men like you.

Anonymous, you can say anything you want to. Plenty of women, especially single mothers, have said all sorts of things Damn it, I wish I could find a woman like you. You had me at "a loving home and peace. Anonymous, if you were so responsible and caring, why are you a single mother? However, if he is looking for an actual relationship, than how can he know this is true? Once a man marries a woman and she has his kids, those kids will still come first.

So, the man will eventually no longer be first anyway. Particularly, if he is wanting to live according to Scripture — he is supposed to give of himself as Christ gave of himself for the church. As far as all relationships ending, why even have biological children because they may have to go through some turmoil when the relationship with their mother inevitably breaks down? There are decent women with children without mental issues. Intact homes can produce children with these issues as well.

Not all women are deadbeats expecting a man to support them and their kids. I would never allow a boyfriend to pay for my babysitter. So what? Are you marrying a body or a soul? If you are marrying a body, you are doomed to disappointment as the aging process progresses. Perhaps the woman was misled prior to marriage about what kind of person the man was? Also, even if she was stupid in the past.. Plenty of people are stupid at age 20 and are much smarter years later.

Kids are wonderful. And a lot of work. Not all women want a million kids. There comes a point where she is done. The man has to be doing something to contribute to, or even cause, the divorce. Maybe so, maybe not. Depends on each individual party to the circumstance. Besides, even if the ex-husband is a rat, a real man should be able to handle him. These days, women work and contribute at least equally if not more to the household.

If you are a dating single mom then you want to avoid these single mom dating problems and mistakes that oh so many single moms make. Are You Sure You Want To Date A Single Mom? But sometimes the issues that can come with getting into a relationship with a single mom.

I haven't read every post in your blog but most of what I have read seems to indicate that you feel that sex is pretty much the only purpose of a female? Sometimes this doesn't matter, such as in a casual relationship, but in a marriage, no wife wants to boink the husband that is irritated at her yet still wants to have sex. Men seek women for more than sex.

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It's not easy raising children on your own, and getting back into the dating game can be an even bigger challenge as these confessions prove. Making use of the app's anonymity, the bachelors didn't hold back when it came to the perceived pitfalls of dating women with children. For many men the prospect of raising another man's child was a rather a daunting one.

8 Common Single Mom Dating Problems & Mistakes To Avoid

Does he like kids? Will he be more into his BMW than me? Are his boys his priority? This is the guy that tells you about his yearly bonus, designer suits and finds a way to ease the topic of money into every conversation. According to Leah Klungness, PhD, psychologist and co-author of The Complete Single Mother , guys who love to flash a big wad of cash and talk non-stop about their jobs reveal their life priorities. You may know how crazy it can be to coordinate with an ex when it comes to visitation and finances.

10 Things I’ve Learned in Dating A Single Mother…

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! There are a ton of single moms out there. In fact, the latest statistics I could find was that there were 10 million single mothers in the U. You may want to try. You may give it your best effort. Many single moms have been used or abused and then left to fend for themselves. This can cause them to go one of two ways: Stronger women will learn from the experience and not be willing to accept any guy who treats her poorly into her life anymore. She will stand up for herself and her kids and let you know what is acceptable or not. Women who have grown weaker from the experience will have lower self-confidence, trust issues, and a hard time having a normal relationship.

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The faster you can grasp this, the better. That will bruise the ego a bit.

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