T-34-85 matchmaking

T-34-85 matchmaking

Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: The TM is a Soviet tier 6 premium medium tank. A modification of the T tank, produced at Factory No. Unlike the original vehicle, it featured enhanced front armor and reduced rear armor. Fuel tanks were transferred from the fighting compartment to the rear.

T-34-85 advice

Jump to content. CanadianGuitar, on Dec 29 - Silty, on Jan 04 - ComradeHX, on Jan 03 - Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. T advice Started by cwjian90 , Dec 29 - Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. So, I recently picked up the T at the great price of , credits. I'm struggling to deal at least 1. I usually try to play mine as a support tank, moving behind the heavies and picking off enemy mediums and lights.

However and I'm not sure about this , it seems that due to the longer vision ranges, the enemy tanks will fire on me from much further than I'm used to back on the T Also, while I don't like blaming matchmaking for any of my problems, I seem to be getting into a lot of Tier 8 matches where I end up facing a large number of premium tanks like the KV-5, T34, Lowe, and IS I feel kind of helpless in those matches, since I am reduced to engaging enemy Tier 6's and possibly 7's, but can't do much against Tier 8s if our own Tier 8s are failures.

Given all this, does anyone have any advice on how to play the 85? I really want to like this tank one of my favourite IRL tanks and do well in it. Am I playing it wrong? I don't have the top engine yet, does it make a big difference? Edited by cwjian90, Dec 29 - CanadianGuitar 2 Posted Dec 29 - You need to use your mobility to hit them in the ribs or the ass. Don't be afraid to shoot and scoot.

Run behind a heavy, shoot him once or twice, if you see him turning to engage, GTFO! The key is to get off damaging shots be it only 1 or 2 , then move on without being engaged to hit another enemy in the ass. Harrassment FTW. Edited by CanadianGuitar, Dec 29 - You can't really make a decision on how to play a tank until you have it elited.

But you need to play it like a sniper until you have those engines. Wait for tanks to show you their flanks then shoot them. Look for holes in enemy lines and try to sneak into positions where you can shoot heavies in the flank and make them turn their turrets to you, when they do, pull back and let your teammates kill them, then when they turn their turrets back to your teammates pull out and shoot them again. Be annoying and sneaky. Well, I only have the first upgraded engine. It seems to be too sluggish for that right now CanadianGuitar 6 Posted Dec 29 - You need to get it fully upgraded as well.

For its tier the fully upgraded is still not a monster by any means. Its not a brawler. Dont be afraid to run. Position yourself to hit flanks and ass shots. If a turret is pointing your way Its not going to bounce alot of shots. In the higher tier matches use it to get the higher tiered tanks to turn there turrets for your team. Use its ROF to keep tanks tracked so arty and the bigger tiered tanks can pound them.

Look for "seams" in the enemy line and exploit. Also, how do you have it equiped? Good luck and happy hunting. Why thank you. ComradeHX 9 Posted Dec 29 - That is what I have been doing and I rarely go under damage with T Also, for the lulz, I picked DeadEye for gunner. Edited by ComradeHX, Dec 29 - Mhantrax 11 Posted Jan 02 - I have a bizarre string of luck in this tank.

Figure it will even out in the future, but right now, awful. Anyway, definitely a flanker, and that last engine will make a big difference in being able to change locations, which is extremely important. Still, the acceleration still isn't that great, so it is more for moving largish distances quickly rahter than tiny, quick location changes. ComradeHX 12 Posted Jan 03 - It has better turn than T and has plenty of speed to chase down scouts.

I started using mm derp for teh lulz blow up T with damage shot and a ram, in no particular order. Edited by ComradeHX, Jan 03 - With the 85mm it's a good anti-scout at any tier. Feel free to hang back for the first minute in a scout-heavy game. Otherwise, I always try to gauge my performance by penetrating hits, not damage or kills. The turret armor is amazingly good, so find some cover for your hull when it is readily available.

Most of the advice from the previous posts is correct however I would like to bring up the point that you get the same gun as on the T and with the T you may get some more armor but you sacrifice maneuverability and you get in higher tier battles. And I find the gun penetration values for Soviet mediums generally do not allow you to shoot the front of enemy heavies so get used to flanking which as a medium is your role.

It's pretty good at that as is, but just doesn't have the agility to keep up with them sometimes. It's about having a gun with good RoF and muzzle velocity that can hit the scouts reliably while you sit still. So it's better to say that the 85BM is a good scout-killer. I had it when the t had the mm on it but this was when the kv 3 was a tier six.

ArdentF 19 Posted Jan 08 - Hull Down. MiddleStar 20 Posted Jan 09 - First of im on my first skill, soon on my second with T; Commander: Smooth Ride Gunner: Snap Shot Radio Operator: Camo Loader: Repair I play my T as a sniper the first minutes of the game if the terrain allows it. Then flank and support. Camo net will change for coated optics later I think , Rammer and Vent.

Med, Repair and Fire extinguisher Im running with Smooth Ride and Snap Shot because this allows a better accuracy on the move, especially when flanking and breaking through flanks. But also when I need to stop to take a snip shot. This two skills are more useful for a mobile tanks then a GLD. I want to engage and flank the enemy by surprise.

With T I really understood how much situational awareness, survivability and damage making are the ground stones for making a contribution for a win and how big impact on the game you can make if you do everything right. Sign In Username or email: Remember me. Sign in anonymously.

The T retains the same hull as its predecessor, the T, but receives a new, more heavily armored turret with more powerful choices of. A modification of the T tank, produced at Factory No. health; No premium matchmaking: will meet Tier 8 opponents on occasion.

Jump to content. I'm pretty sure it has it. Can anyone else confirm? As for the tank in general, the so called improved maneuverability is limited to traverse alone.

Jump to content. So how is it physically possible to play this tank in a tier 8 game, it doesn't have the mobility to dodge or scout, it's gun can't pen for naughty word and it is a two hit kill for everything in the game.

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T-34-85 Victory and Preferential Matchmaking

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: OK, I'm grinding through the t as suggested thanks guys. I have the t already maxed out and I'm very much enjoying that tank. For Light tanks I only have the A which while it is a light tank it is not that quick and dies very easily as a scout.

T-34-85 Victory and Preferential Matchmaking

Posted By: WoT Guru January 22, The TM is a heavily armored version of the standard tier 6 Russian medium tank T that is available in the tech tree. This premium tier 6 is great option for those needing a Russian crew trainer since it does have an extra crew member slot for the radio operator that lower tier Russian tanks have but high tiers do not. However, how does the TM stack up against the regular T and is it worth your hard earned cash? This guide will break down the TM into firepower, armor, mobility, miscellaneous attributes, and tactics to use while playing this tank. By the end you should have a good understanding of the TM and whether or not it is a worth purchasing. The TM equips the same gun as the Rudy as of the 9. It does damage per shot, has a iffy accuracy, and a good aiming time.

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T-34-85 Rudy

By Coopz , December 9, in Medium Vehicles. I like my T, have no fear of anything playing it. Happy to take on Tigers, Panthers and anything American. Just comparing it to the IS-1 in my garage. A tank that has a bigger gun and more armour yet feels completely awful compared to the T No speed, no manoeuvrability and rarely bounces a hit usually blows up first hit anyway.. It can pack is good punch but all to often the target will shrug it off and return a lethal hit. I have the Tiger in my garage, a tank the IS-1 was developed to counter yet I find the Tiger vastly better, speed, power and gun, plus its armour seems to deflect 10x more shells. Just find it weird how the last game I see a enemy t at medium range and fire into his 45mm armoured hull with my mm pen cannon, it bounces it fires a shell back and it goes straight through my hull side on blowing me up. Its gotten to the stage where I just want to play the T34, if I lose it I have little interest in taking any other tanks out KV2 is too frustrating these days with its horrendous reload and badly nerfed damage.

Give T-34-85M special matchmaking

Also a big shout out to all the Core Testers who helped us and gave us great feedback. Increased XP multiplier for the War Victory ribbon x10 only for stats that require war victory Increased XP multiplier for the Battle ribbon x3 only for stats that require battle victory, for both soldiers and commanders These rewards are valid for both soldiers winning battles by combat and commanders winning battles by sending ATs Object silhouette optimization Adjusted player level XP so low levels unlock faster and levels are spread out better Temporarily disabled progression screen display when closing the battle report HOTFIX — [ Corrected armor thicknesses turret-side, turret-top, turret-rear, side-skirts decreased in thickness, turret-front increased in thickness. Hull component in turret increased to fill out entire turret M10 Tank Destroyer hitbox Changes: Please note:

T-34-85 advice

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Even if I try to flank, he just swing the hull two shots and I'm dead Do you really think this is good idea?

Give T-34-85M special matchmaking

Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: The T is a Soviet tier 6 medium tank. Final modification of the T tank of A new three-man gun turret allowed a more powerful mm gun to be mounted. This greatly increased the combat effectiveness of the tank compared to its predecessor, the T

Jump to content. A little about Rudy. He is level 7, Golda worth. Most likely 2. At HP larger than the Victorious.


World of Tanks -- 15 KILLS - Rudy
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