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An enterprising ex-Jehovah's Witness has been sued by the Watchtower Society for "a loss of reputation and goodwill. Peter Mosier has set up a web site operated out of Canada that does nothing but present short quotes from literature published by the Witnesses. The site, http: Of course, excerpts are chosen to illustrate discrepancies in JW prophecies, and contradictions in doctrine and teachings. It was the failed prophecies that caused Mosier to abandon the Jehovah's Witnesses several years ago.

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses is a millenarian restorationist Christian denomination with nontrinitarian beliefs distinct from mainstream Christianity. The group emerged from the Bible Student movement founded in the late s by Charles Taze Russell , who also co-founded Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society in to organize and print the movement's publications.

Jehovah's Witnesses are best known for their door-to-door preaching, distributing literature such as The Watchtower and Awake! They consider the use of God's name vital for proper worship. They reject Trinitarianism , inherent immortality of the soul , and hellfire , which they consider to be unscriptural doctrines. They do not observe Christmas , Easter , birthdays or other holidays and customs they consider to have pagan origins incompatible with Christianity.

Disfellowshipped and disassociated individuals may eventually be reinstated if deemed repentant. The group's position regarding conscientious objection to military service and refusal to salute national flags has brought it into conflict with some governments. Consequently, some Jehovah's Witnesses have been persecuted and their activities are banned or restricted in some countries. Persistent legal challenges by Jehovah's Witnesses have influenced legislation related to civil rights in several countries.

The organization has received criticism regarding biblical translation, doctrines, and alleged coercion of its members. The Watch Tower Society has made various unfulfilled predictions about major biblical events such as Christ's Second Coming , the advent of God's Kingdom , and Armageddon. Their policies for handling cases of child sexual abuse have been the subject of various formal inquiries.

Barbour ; later that year they jointly produced the book Three Worlds , which combined restitutionist views with end time prophecy. The book taught that God's dealings with humanity were divided dispensationally , each ending with a "harvest," that Christ had returned as an invisible spirit being in [24] inaugurating the "harvest of the Gospel age," and that would mark the end of a year period called "the Gentile Times," [25] at which time world society would be replaced by the full establishment of God's kingdom on earth.

From , Watch Tower supporters gathered as autonomous congregations to study the Bible topically. Thirty congregations were founded, and during and , Russell visited each to provide the format he recommended for conducting meetings. By the s, Russell's organization maintained nearly a hundred "pilgrims," or traveling preachers. Russell moved the Watch Tower Society's headquarters to Brooklyn , New York, in , combining printing and corporate offices with a house of worship; volunteers were housed in a nearby residence he named Bethel.

He identified the religious movement as "Bible Students," and more formally as the International Bible Students Association. His election was disputed , and members of the Board of Directors accused him of acting in an autocratic and secretive manner. The book, published as the posthumous work of Russell, was a compilation of his commentaries on the Bible books of Ezekiel and Revelation , plus numerous additions by Bible Students Clayton Woodworth and George Fisher.

Rutherford centralized organizational control of the Watch Tower Society. In , he instituted the appointment of a director in each congregation, and a year later all members were instructed to report their weekly preaching activity to the Brooklyn headquarters. On July 26, , at a convention in Columbus , Ohio, Rutherford introduced the new name — Jehovah's witnesses — based on Isaiah Before me no God was formed, And after me there has been none.

The name was chosen to distinguish his group of Bible Students from other independent groups that had severed ties with the Society, as well as symbolize the instigation of new outlooks and the promotion of fresh evangelizing methods. From , it was taught that the "little flock" of , would not be the only people to survive Armageddon. Rutherford explained that in addition to the , "anointed" who would be resurrected—or transferred at death—to live in heaven to rule over earth with Christ, a separate class of members, the "great multitude," would live in a paradise restored on earth; from , new converts to the movement were considered part of that class.

As their interpretations of the Bible evolved, Witness publications decreed that saluting national flags is a form of idolatry, which led to a new outbreak of mob violence and government opposition in the United States, Canada , Germany , and other countries. Worldwide membership of Jehovah's Witnesses reached , in 5, congregations by the time of Rutherford's death in January Knorr commissioned a new translation of the Bible, the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures , the full version of which was released in He organized large international assemblies, instituted new training programs for members, and expanded missionary activity and branch offices throughout the world.

From , Witness publications and convention talks built anticipation of the possibility that Christ's thousand-year reign might begin in late [81] [82] or shortly thereafter. By , the number of active members exceeded two million. Membership declined during the late s after expectations for were proved wrong.

The offices of elder and ministerial servant were restored to Witness congregations in , with appointments made from headquarters [93] and later, also by branch committees. It was announced that, starting in September , appointments would be made by traveling overseers. In a major organizational overhaul in , the power of the Watch Tower Society president was diminished, with authority for doctrinal and organizational decisions passed to the Governing Body.

In , Jehovah's Witnesses abandoned the idea that Armageddon must occur during the lives of the generation that was alive in and in changed their teaching on the "generation". Jehovah's Witnesses are organized hierarchically , in what the leadership calls a "theocratic organization", reflecting their belief that it is God's "visible organization" on earth. Traveling overseers appoint local elders and ministerial servants, and while branch offices may appoint regional committees for matters such as Kingdom Hall construction or disaster relief.

Each congregation has a body of appointed unpaid male elders and ministerial servants. Elders maintain general responsibility for congregational governance, setting meeting times, selecting speakers and conducting meetings, directing the public preaching work, and creating "judicial committees" to investigate and decide disciplinary action for cases involving sexual misconduct or doctrinal breaches.

Ministerial servants—appointed in a similar manner to elders—fulfill clerical and attendant duties, but may also teach and conduct meetings. Baptism is a requirement for being considered a member of Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses do not practice infant baptism, [] and previous baptisms performed by other denominations are not considered valid. The organization produces a significant amount of literature as part of its evangelism activities.

Much of their funding is provided by donations , primarily from members. There is no tithing or collection. Jehovah's Witnesses believe their denomination is a restoration of first-century Christianity. The entire Protestant canon of scripture is considered the inspired , inerrant word of God. Jehovah's Witnesses emphasize the use of God's name, and they prefer the form Jehovah —a vocalization of God 's name based on the Tetragrammaton.

They believe that all worship should be directed toward him, and that he is not part of a Trinity ; [] consequently, the group places more emphasis on God than on Christ. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus is God's only direct creation, that everything else was created through Christ by means of God's power, and that the initial unassisted act of creation uniquely identifies Jesus as God's "only-begotten Son".

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Satan was originally a perfect angel who developed feelings of self-importance and craved worship. Satan influenced Adam and Eve to disobey God, and humanity subsequently became participants in a challenge involving the competing claims of Jehovah and Satan to universal sovereignty. Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Satan and his demons were cast down to earth from heaven after October 1, , [] at which point the end times began.

They believe that Satan is the ruler of the current world order, [] that human society is influenced and misled by Satan and his demons, and that they are a cause of human suffering. They also believe that human governments are controlled by Satan, [] but that he does not directly control each human ruler. Jehovah's Witnesses believe death is a state of non-existence with no consciousness.

There is no Hell of fiery torment; Hades and Sheol are understood to refer to the condition of death, termed the common grave. Witnesses believe that a "little flock" of , selected humans go to heaven, but that the majority the "other sheep" are to be resurrected by God to a cleansed earth after Armageddon. They interpret Revelation Jehovah's Witnesses believe that God's Kingdom is a literal government in heaven, ruled by Jesus Christ and , "spirit-anointed" Christians drawn from the earth, which they associate with Jesus' reference to a "new covenant".

A central teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses is that the current world era, or "system of things", entered the " last days " in and faces imminent destruction through intervention by God and Jesus Christ, leading to deliverance for those who worship God acceptably. This development will mark the beginning of the " great tribulation ". After Armageddon, God will extend his heavenly kingdom to include earth, which will be transformed into a paradise similar to the Garden of Eden.

This judgment will be based on their actions after resurrection rather than past deeds. At the end of the thousand years, Christ will hand all authority back to God. Then a final test will take place when Satan is released to mislead perfect mankind. Those who fail will be destroyed, along with Satan and his demons. The end result will be a fully tested, glorified human race on earth.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus Christ began to rule in heaven as king of God's kingdom in October , and that Satan was subsequently ousted from heaven to the earth, resulting in "woe" to humanity. They believe that Jesus rules invisibly, from heaven, perceived only as a series of "signs". They base this belief on a rendering of the Greek word parousia —usually translated as "coming" when referring to Christ—as "presence".

They believe Jesus' presence includes an unknown period beginning with his inauguration as king in heaven in , and ending when he comes to bring a final judgment against humans on earth. They thus depart from the mainstream Christian belief that the " second coming " of Matthew 24 refers to a single moment of arrival on earth to judge humans. Meetings for worship and study are held at Kingdom Halls , which are typically functional in character, and do not contain religious symbols.

The meetings are largely devoted to study of Watch Tower Society literature and the Bible. The format of the meetings is established by the group's headquarters, and the subject matter for most meetings is the same worldwide. Prior to , congregations met three times each week; these meetings were condensed, with the intention that members dedicate an evening for "family worship".

Twice each year, Witnesses from a number of congregations that form a "circuit" gather for a one-day assembly. Larger groups of congregations meet once a year for a three-day "regional convention", usually at rented stadiums or auditoriums. Their most important and solemn event is the commemoration of the "Lord's Evening Meal", or " Memorial of Christ's Death " on the date of the Jewish Passover. Jehovah's Witnesses are perhaps best known for their efforts to spread their beliefs, most notably by visiting people from house to house, [] [] [] distributing literature published by the Watch Tower Society in languages.

All sexual relations outside of marriage are grounds for expulsion if the individual is not deemed repentant; [] [] homosexual activity is considered a serious sin, and same-sex marriages are forbidden. Abortion is considered murder. Gambling , drunkenness, illegal drugs, and tobacco use are forbidden. The family structure is patriarchal. The husband is considered to have authority on family decisions, but is encouraged to solicit his wife's thoughts and feelings, as well as those of his children.

Marriages are required to be monogamous and legally registered. Divorce is discouraged, and remarriage is forbidden unless a divorce is obtained on the grounds of adultery , which they refer to as "a scriptural divorce". Formal discipline is administered by congregation elders. When a baptized member is accused of committing a serious sin —usually cases of sexual misconduct [] [] or charges of apostasy for disputing Jehovah's Witness doctrines [] [] —a judicial committee is formed to determine guilt, provide help and possibly administer discipline.

Disfellowshipping , a form of shunning , is the strongest form of discipline, administered to an offender deemed unrepentant. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the Bible condemns the mixing of religions, on the basis that there can only be one truth from God, and therefore reject interfaith and ecumenical movements. Jehovah's Witnesses believe their highest allegiance belongs to God's kingdom, which is viewed as an actual government in heaven, with Christ as king.

They remain politically neutral, do not seek public office, and are discouraged from voting, though individual members may participate in uncontroversial community improvement issues.

This is an authorized Web site of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is a research tool for publications in various languages produced by Jehovah's Witnesses. i discovered a site called which have pictures of for others jws to date. based on the watchtower's anti internet stance and.

It is the main legal entity used worldwide by Jehovah's Witnesses to direct, administer and disseminate doctrines for the group and is often referred to by members of the denomination simply as "the Society". The organization was formed in as Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society for the purpose of distributing religious tracts. On February 16, , Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society was formed in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, United States, for the purpose of organizing the printing and distribution of religious tracts.

On the site jwconnections.

If this is important to you, then look for this statement. Believing that Armageddon is coming to separate believers from non-believers, Witnesses spend much of their time knocking on doors to preach their beliefs to others.

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But what they fail to understand or recognise is that the Watchtower Society claims it was appointed because of what it was teaching in 2 , not what it would be teaching in future years. So their claim really stands or falls on what was happening in This is stated on their website jw. This view is repeated in many publications including the Jan Awake magazine where it deceptively states 6 ;. At that time CTR was declaring that was actually the date for the end of the Time of Trouble, and specifically not its beginning.

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Jehovah's Witnesses is a millenarian restorationist Christian denomination with nontrinitarian beliefs distinct from mainstream Christianity.

That version was mailed or sent by carrier to a rather large group of JWsurvey. The new website was due to be […]. This website is currently undergoing a major reconstruction and redesign. So many components of the site will change that I will have to do it in small bits and bites and bytes to accomplish everything.

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I discovered a site called www. Based on the Watchtower's anti internet stance and meeting people online, I doubt this website is real. Has anyone else seen this site? Can anyone verify it's authenticity or prove that it's fake? Despite their stance against the internet, they forget that there is an awful lot of desperation and chronic lonliness amongst witnesses. There really isn't that many opportunities for some witnesses to meet a potential mate. I remember a brother that joined jwfacts for a joke and made up a profile without a picture. He had LOTS of sisters contacting him. I thought it was quite sad that so many women were so desperate. About 6 years ago, my ex-wife hooked up with a male JW on-line.

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Wicked Demons. Watchtower Society Quotes. It is another thing to prove it. The only way that this can be done is to review the record. What does it show?

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