Boyfriend is still active on dating site

However, he still goes on match. Is this guy bad news or should I just relax and be fine with the fact that he still logs on to match. As such, some of the comments which I have preserved bring up points that I have since addressed in this revision. Right off the top, you mentioned that you and he have agreed to be exclusive. How clear was his side of the agreement to being committed?

When Your Boyfriend is Still on a Dating Site – What to do?

I still do it. I would guess a lot of people have. In both cases, several months into the relationships something started to feel weird—less communication, more excuses why they were busy, etc. I tried subtly to find out what was going on without having one of those big where-do-we-stand conversations. I was assured everything was fine, they were just busy with work, etc. Still my gut told me something was wrong.

I always listen to my intuition. In one instance, I just let the relationship fade without confronting him about it. In the other case, I did confront him about it. His initial response was to accuse me of spying on him and showing a lack of trust for him. And my suspicions were validated—way to deflect the conversation from what was essentially him cheating to me being distrustful! Never mind that I had every reason to be!

If we had been just casually dating, I probably would have kept mum and let it play out—he might have found out he preferred my company anyway. But since we had been sleeping together and discussing holiday plans, etc. Maybe he looks at my profile every night and thinks the same thing, making it self-perpetuating. I guess someone has to break the cycle at some point and risk being hurt. What I do know is the next time a man tells me he wants to be exclusive and is no longer active online, I need advice about how to proceed.

Do I trust him and risk STDs, etc. Do I secretly keep checking on him and confront him if I see activity? Do I trust him and only spy if something feels not right with the relationship? Am I naive to take a man at his word, given the statistics on infidelity? Am I just a typical once-burned-twice-shy woman who needs therapy for trust issues LOL? I had the same experience he told me i was he really liked me and the next time he came over he asked me if i wanted to be his gf then a few days later i didnt hear from him now i dont understand you need to spie on your man and see whats he is up to because if you want a relationship to work out you have to be on your guard with your man.

Nadia 2. In online dating you would be a fool to trust a man period. I have trusted men in the past and have that feeling something is not right…. So when that happens hell yeah I check online dating sites to see if they still on…. I had latest tell me he was in love with me …. Next time he told me the love business I told him I saw him online. Yeah right. This behavior kept going …. I told him I was done.

He said online he was 58….. Girl you right on…. Give me a break when it come to men doing this. Amen Jack. You hit the nail on the head. Online dating is killing traditional romance. My ability to trust anyone has been almost destroyed. Good luck to you.. Lol, I so needed this today. So I createc a fake email account and responded to his CL personal ad.

He told her so many lies in his replies to her, even went so far as to say his dad passed. I love it! Good on u. I did the same years ago. He denied he dated someone recently.. Which was me! Why would they feel the need to check it out if they are in an exclusive relationship? Why not just delete the email they get? Is it a man thing that they need to feel like they are still available even though they say they are committed? Seriously the male mind works differently and yes I do believe some men, ya some, can be trusted and just go on the sites bc they get an email so they have to check because it makes them feel good about themselves that they still look good and woman want them, yet they take it no further….

My bf and I live together. We laugh and have a blast. I chose not to check my emails. Unfortunately ladies it comes down to trust. I mean really…why would you want to be in an untrusting relationship…. We met the old fashioned way….. I just wanted to add that I think men and women are on dating sites for one reason: Once you are with someone else in a mutually agreed upon exclusive relationship, you need to take your profile down.

There are plenty of other ways to be pen pals, to post on forums, etc. Not up for discussion. Their attention should be on you! Post 1: I agree totally. FWIW, its not spying if it is public information. Either the person with the profile still up is doing something wrong and is really BAD at it or they see it as up-and-up. Im very confused however, met a man on line July 16, within 2 weeks he said I love you.

Last night I met his daughter for the first time. Last week he was on his phone and I noticed an email from Okcupid, so a couple of days ago I downloaded the app and there he was, active as well. I feel very disappointed now and confused. I have not been in an exclusive relationship yet. But If that came up I would take my profile down. If I am dating I do see the person I am talking and emailing with online, but I leave them alone. I am also checking my emails and so why get upset about.

Sometimes it is good to check as it is an indication if someone has been online and is not answering you back anymore that I can move on. Of course I look. I did end a relationship once because he told me he was not on the site but it just so happened I was looking right at his profile. I ended it because he lied.

However, when I am interested in someone, I have noticed my enthusiasm for the whole process does wane and I end up not checking my message box as frequently. I would hope he would feel the same. The idea that the other women would just pale in comparison sounds like a good deal to me! Spying is a loaded word when it comes to looking at a website! Regarding your questions at the end, I believe intuition is a powerful thing.

You had a feeling about both of those guys and you were able to go online and have your suspicions confirmed. I get it, I just think its to our detriment. So if you subscribe to that, nothing to worry about. Plus, I think people who have trust issues know it. Are you always uneasy? Are you always waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Then you may have some trust issues. I rambled a bit, hope that made sense. Being on a dating site says to the world, I am still available and looking. I have run into this problem, where I was unable to delete my info from the site, which I felt was very unfair and would not use that site again nor recommend it to anyone. Every time I would note that I was no longer looking, they actually would go in and remove that statement. Sad but oh so true, so watch out on what sites you use and their membership requirements as to when you are able to remove profiles.

Around a year ago, about 2 months after I started dating someone I met online, I took my profile off. I did this only because I needed a break from the charges of it. I had a child starting college that fall and wanted to save money.

If the person you're dating reveals that they still have an active online It's actually really common to leave a dating profile live on a site or app even to use to genuinely try to find a life partner, whereas she might seem them. I discovered he's still swiping when he said we're exclusive. I told him it bothered me to see him there active very early in the morning. Guess what his response.

We started seeing each other initially as friends — we have a lot of shared interests — and then one day he jumped on me and the relationship became increasingly physical. So far, so good — until we were both looking at something on his laptop, and a dating website came up as one of his most visited sites. I asked him about this, and told him that while I had no wish to pry into his personal life, the question for me was whether he was looking to keep his options open for now, it being early days. A quick Google search on his user name revealed another three, all with very recent logins.

The only problem is that you recently found out that throughout your whole relationship your partner has been on dating websites, swiping here, liking there, favoriting here, and emailing here and there with other people of the opposite sex.

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The guy I'm seeing is still using dating sites. What should I do?

Being in a brand-new relationship comes with so many awesome benefits: But thanks to modern dating, there's a pretty good chance you met your new boo on one of the dozens of dating apps out there, which leaves one serious question looming over both of you: According to a recent online survey by ReportLinker , six percent of people who are in a relationship are still registered on dating apps. While that percentage might seem small, it's nonetheless a reminder that dating apps have complicated things for singles trying to find love. When you get so used to swiping — on your morning commute, during your lunch break, at the gym — it can be hard to think of it as something other than a game or procrastination tool. While there's nothing wrong with using dating apps as a form of entertainment, it gets tricky when you meet someone you actually click with.

When To Delete Your Dating Apps If You're Seeing Someone

Posted by: You decided to meet and on your first date things go great. Generally everything feels wonderful. However there is one problem: I had touched on a similar topic last year in my post my boyfriend has kept his online dating profile active. First off let me say that many men keep their profiles active even though they are interested in the woman they are regularly dating. They like having women contacting them…even if they are rejecting all of them as it makes them feel desirable. If you think this is annoying I definitely understand but I would still encourage tact when you try to resolve this issue. In some cases, this could cause what he saw as a healthy, budding relationship to end abruptly. I even had one reader who had gave the man a hard time the day after their first date when his profile was still up.

My boyfriend — who is over 60 — has had more dates than anyone I know and still receives notifications of women who have emailed him constantly. He has told me about some of them and still hears from many of them.

Esther Walker says Of course you can do whatever you like. Just because you met online, it shouldn't mean that anything goes and that he is entitled to surf for other girls while cooing sweet nothings to you down the phone. Don't be duped into thinking that online dating is some kind of free-for-all, where normal rules of courtesy don't apply.

My Boyfriend Refuses To Take Down His Online Dating Profile

The first thing here for you to consider before you start to analyze this to death is what made you check the dating site in the first place? I call it my spidey sense. They are constantly on guard for something to go wrong and checking a dating site for the guy they are dating is part of their ritual. If this is you, stop right here and please check ou t the Journey Inward and start doing some inner work. He is keeping his options open. When a man is committed to you he is committed to contributing to your happiness as well. Unless he is a complete idiot, he is aware this would not make you happy. A man committed to you would rather lose his arm than cause you despair. This may also be a sign to you that you are a lot more invested into him than he is into you. Is he really your boyfriend or has your imagination carried you away in this relationship?

When You Catch Your Partner in an Online Dating Site

Why some men still keep their online dating profile active. After finding love and a serious relationship some men still keep their online dating profile active. If it's not a passive-aggressive way of telling me we have broken up, what is it? The primary reason to keep an online dating profile active is simple: Can you? Maybe he just likes having his ego stroked when women flirt with him?

When You Catch Your Partner in an Online Dating Site

Dating websites have come a long way from the time they were the only recourse of nerds or other socially awkward people looking for a date. So it is quite likely that you may have met a wonderful guy on a dating site and hit off equally well in real life. Just when you thought things were rolling along merrily, you happen to browse the same or another dating site and find his profile still active. Under such a situation it is only natural for you to wonder why if he likes you so much, is he still on dating sites. Or, in other words, when to stop going out with anyone else. At such times you have a strong desire to be with this person and no one else — if lucky, your date feels the same way about you too and things naturally progress to an exclusive dating. However since every dating equation involves two variables as human hearts, having the same exact view about the current status of a relationship is unlikely.

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I still do it. I would guess a lot of people have. In both cases, several months into the relationships something started to feel weird—less communication, more excuses why they were busy, etc. I tried subtly to find out what was going on without having one of those big where-do-we-stand conversations. I was assured everything was fine, they were just busy with work, etc. Still my gut told me something was wrong. I always listen to my intuition. In one instance, I just let the relationship fade without confronting him about it.

If he Likes you So Much, Why is he Still on Dating Websites?

Jess Downey Last updated: October 25, Date and Dateless by Instant Vantage on Flickr. Some of us have been there. You meet someone awesome; start dating, and then suddenly you realize they still have an active online dating profile. But regardless, what do you do about it?

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Online Dating - One Sign He/She Is Not Serious About Meeting You
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