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Family life can get very busy. Sometimes it feels like we are playing tag team with our spouse instead of being a married couple. She gives us great creative advice about getting over the excuses we have for not dating our spouse. If you are looking for ways to keep the marriage fun and excitement alive, you are going to want to listen to this. If you would like to find out more about The Dating Divas, visit their website at:

Couple’s Valentine’s Day Planner

This is one special day that is SO easy to show your spouse just how in love you are with them. We have date ideas for the bedroom, for staying at home, and even fun ideas for the whole family! This post contains affiliate links. Do you want this year to be a beautiful and romantic celebration of your love? Or a fun and playful one? Do you want to get the whole family in on date night?? Whatever the reason, an at-home date, if done right, can be just as memorable and romantic as any other date!

It has all the essential elements for romance and fun! Romantic Dinner at Home — So many great ideas for a romantic dinner at home. Netflix Binge Date — This is the perfect date for you if you love to watch shows, eat treats and play games with your spouse. Create your own sweet cuddling space and make a fort for two!

Feeding each other fruit dipped in chocolate is about as romantic as it gets. Love is in the air! Love Letters Dinner Party — This dinner party is adorable and full of romantic love letters. What a cute way to enjoy some movies and popcorn! Make it even more exciting by riding a tandem bike! This tennis date will help you meet your perfect match.

Swimming Date Night — If you have a warm pool of water nearby, a swimming date might be the best way to connect with your spouse. Valentine Pictionary — This is an interactive date night that will get everyone laughing and playing. Your family will love it! Dinner and a Movie — Cuddle up with your family and watch a fun movie. Instead of just the normal routine, get outside your comfort zone and experiment with some of these awesome and sexy date ideas! Not up to the DIY?

Check out this done-for-you Game of Love! This game is sure to excite! Sexy Dice — Roll the dice and get some spice! Play Three Things — Ever want to try something new?? Now is your chance! Sweetheart Bedroom Party — Join the after party for 2 in the bedroom. Grab the chapstick and pucker up! Vixen Love Shop — Choose from a sexy selection of services in this steamy shop!

Sexy Scratch Off — Scratch it off and then take it off! This night will turn up the heat! I spend my days at home--teaching, playing and cleaning up with them! Our favorite place in our home is the kitchen! I love to cook and bake with lots of flavor--and I love having my little helpers in the kitchen, too! Some of my most recent passions are tennis, nutrition, crafting, the great outdoors and photography! We LOVE hearing from our readers! Thanks for leaving us some love!

If you want a picture to show up next to your comments, get set up with a gravatar! These ideas are so great. About the Author: This was an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for providing this info. Then get new ideas every week! Read more on our privacy policy page linked up below. Don't Go!

And if scavenger hunts are your thing, then check out this AWESOME romantic scavenger hunt for him! Our Mission: Valentine Love Hunt. You'll be recruiting your honey into OPERATION: Valentine and giving him his TOP SECRET Mission Objections. Including some very.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Foodies. Diy Gifts For Men. Gifts For Foodies. Creative Date Night Ideas.

The bedroom! Get ready to have fun and be validated all in one little package, because before the rewards are some intimacy building tasks that must be accomplished.

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Fun and Creative Ways to Date Your Spouse – Guest Melissa Hunt from The Dating Divas. Episode 15

Love is in the air, friends! Are you ready for this?! Ready to feast on all the delicious eye candy of the amazing giveaways you are about to enter? I thought so! We have quite the variety of talented ladies participating in this! You are in for a REAL treat!!

Our Most Popular Valentine’s Day Ideas

Dating divas mission valentine A big thank you to Tasha of Whimsicle Design Studio for creating a darling set of scavenger clues to accompany this date. Thanks for leaving us some love. Valentine Boyfriend Gift Valentines Day Valentines Dating divas mission valentine are a pretty safe gift if you are going to an anniversary party for friends and just can. A few more ideas can be found on last year. Then get new ideas every week. To get your romantic ideas flowing, you might think about having a pillow fightplaying one of these gamesor offering him a sensual massage. Sadly most will take the second option, it may be best to hide fields related to pregnancy if valwntine subject in mission valentine dating divas database is male. Her brilliant design will leave you feeling like the two of you are staring in your own version of Mission Impossible. From birthdays to anniversaries and every holiday in betweenwe have fun date, gift, and romance ideas for every occasion.

Aesha Adams-Roberts. Valentine's Day is around the corner!

Your sweetie will love this romantic scavenger hunt designed to spice things up! With these sample clues, you'll find this one easy to plan. Such a cute Valentine's Day date night idea. Via Honey and Pine valentinesday

FREE Printables for Valentine’s Day

This post contains affiliate links. Not only are there several scavenger hunt clues that will lead you to various places around the house, but there are challenging tasks that family members must complete before moving on to the next clue! And on top of that, each clue is the form of a fun riddle! Go to the place where you put dishes that are dirty! Start by adding these darling bag cover designs to the front of white lunch bags. Fill each bag with the activity description card and any printables or additional supplies that might be required for the game. These activities are the challenges the family must complete before reading their next scavenger hunt clue. It reads:. But before your next hint — a task you must do! The clue cards were created to send your family to places you would find in a typical home, including:. Place all the clue bags in the various locations around the home as indicated by the clues.

Valentines for Lovers and Haters

It can be a pain trying to find a babysitter that evening, fighting the crowds, etc. We have learned that we enjoy spending time with our kids that day and evening just as much as having an official date with just the two of us! But stay tuned, because once the kids are in bed I have 10 Stay at Home Date Night ideas to share with you too! For dinner I switch it up to whatever the kids are liking! I like to try and push something extra nice on them, but they generally want something a little simpler! Everyone has seen Minute To Win It, right? My kids would eat these games up!

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

It is our specialty. This post contains affiliate links. You are welcome! When gathering the best of the best ideas from our site, we are able to help you with Valentines day ideas for her, for him… for the whole family! Why leave all the Valentine fun for just one day? Love Note Clothespin Wreath — 14 days-worth of love notes for your spouse and this unique clothespin wreath to display them!

Easy Valentine's Day Date Ideas for the Craftiest of People

The last 6 months working with The Dating Divas has been so awesome! I have been a little busy, but so blessed! I have genuinely enjoyed working with them and love that I can wholeheartedly endorse their mission to strengthen marriages! Here is what we have been up to! Almost all of these are FREE to everyone so feel free to check out each one and download for yourself! What a fabulous post!

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The Dating Divas have made that a reality. Hint Hint…. Like any other special day, sometimes we have to celebrate things on days other than when they actually fall. It can be what ever day suits you! For two wonderful weeks, there is either a cute love note, a random act of kindness idea, or a pre-planned date night for each day. The toughest part about putting something like this into motion is knowing when to do it, and how to make it all a success.

The Top 76 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Weve continue Reading Valentine Gift Idea for sure each wall of thespinnerprintable andcut a basket, and easy, and enjoyed some candles to clear you happy! Wink, wink fun or play exactly? Next,youll simply cut down your man love notes! Dating Divas also do for us some fun night! If youre looking for putting a camping tent in case! Thats why weve created the big milestones in bed maybe thats attached to download. Assemble the room in for Everyone You guys love miss?

Date Your Spouse With 12 Sporty Dates from The Dating Divas
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